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Bhattacharyya  Orthopaedics &  Related Research Centre (P) Ltd.  BORRC (Asthi Shalya Kendra)  was born with a vision for perfection and   manifestation.  

Dr. Sailendra Bhattacharyya, trained in USA and England (1953 - 56) had a vision to make a private hospital in Kolkata with many Orthopaedic Surgeons together, as it is in USA. Nothing is easy in our country, hence it  died  down.

He never retired from any institution but resigned because the authorities neither progressed nor accepted his vision. He became a solo Orthopaedic Surgeon for the rich in Kolkata...

  1. We are a 16 years old institution, young with a vision for perfection and manifestation.
  2. It does not glitter, like old gold but solid as a steel.
  3. One and only one orthopaedic institution with trauma care, particularly neglected trauma hospital, in the east.
  4. One and only one orthopaedic hospital for our middle class with additional hospitality after admission, if necessary.
  5. 85% of our patients have already been treated elsewhear, we try to pull them up from frustration.
  • Knee Surgery with Replacements.
  • Hip Surgery with Replacements.
  • Spine Surgery with Scoliosis.
  • Fractures Facio-Maxillary down to toe.
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics (Children below 12) and Surgery.
  • Cerebral Palsy (Children + Adult).
  • Arthroscopic Surgery.
  • General Trauma.
  • Neglected  Trauma.
  • Frustrated Failures.
  • Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Conservative Treatment of all ailments including Paralysis, Arthritis.
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