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About Us ...

The only Orthopaedic Institute in Eastern India, For The Middle Class With Advanced, Cost Effective, Evidence Based, Conventional & Modern Treatment Facilities.


          Bhattacharyya Orthopaedics & Related Research Centre (P) Ltd. BORRC was born with a vision for perfection and manifestation in 1994. Dr.Sailendra Bhattacharyya trained in USA and England (1953-56) had a vision to make private hospital in Kolkata with many Orthopaedic Surgeons together, as it is in USA. He never retired from any institution but resigned because the authorities neither progressed nor followed his vision. He became solo Orthopaedic for rich in Kolkata. He started to purchase, paddy fields gradually to make a country home for the weekends, dug a tank of one bigha to elevate bighas of land for cultivation all kind of trees for perennial flowers, fruit, coconut etc. and poultry firms to survive as old resident of this community. He became farmer growing paddy, vegetables working 11/2 day in week, with the help of a gardener. He also developed poultry and raised cow or milk. It was the greatest pleasure in his life. Life was only full happiness until 1985, when a family disaster ruined his life. He thought of selling everything & couldn’t get a buyer until 1990 when he changed his mind & thought of retiring from his profession & stay here & supply food for his country home for his children & grand children. He changed his mind & decided to start a modern Orthopaedic Hospital for the middle class because they were no less sufferers than the poor. His family didn’t agree because he was old (70 years). He had written an objective for his family, who not only accepted his proposal but was gladly supported him for his effort. This institution was started in 1994 through his vision was written in 1992 before a single brick was laid for construction. Copy of his proposal before laying a single brick was laid.

January – 1992

  1. To ensure proper and advanced treatment facilities to the common people within reasonable to help 80% of the people who can’t afford the costly treatment in the cities d towns. 19.9% poorest people will have to be treated in the Govt. Institution, for whom we pay tax to the 1% rich people can afford treatment anywhere.

  2. To help the patients who came from the outside Kolkata to get proper treatment. It’s extremely difficult for the relatives to stay in hotels and commute using public transport to attend to the patients, will be solved by providing accommodation for the relatives in the premises. To help raise the standard of Orthopaedic Surgery in West Bengal by training Junior Orthopaedic Surgeons under me in following ways :

    • a) After a general training in different branches of Orthopaedics each one will be trained for specially branches only. By this effort junior surgeon will be a master in his subject & then he will be updated what is absolutely necessary for Kolkata. Since a junior surgeon will be working with our institution to specialize themselves in different branches of Orthopaedics, they will be highly motivated, develop a sense of responsibility & dedication. They will have access to all modern sophisticated as well as conventional devices. Only an institution of this standard A an advanced vision can accomplish these objectives.

    • Each specialist will read and write papers on his subject and render the best possible treatment in India & Abroad. They will be trained by eminent surgeons in country and abroad either by fellowship or training programmes.

    • Orthopaedic Surgeons with special knowledge from abroad will come in this institution to treat patients & also to train the local surgeons. There are many exchange fellowship programmes which will be available.

    • Because it’s a private institution the faculty ill earn enough money gradually as the number of patients will increase along with income. It’s expected that they will be as partners in the institution and enjoy income and facilities along with other partners. An established fellow feeling has developed so that all will have a sense of belonging to the institution. The institution will also come up by their honest effort.

    • This will also satisfy my dream to treat my patient in this best possible way I have always dreamt. No branch of Orthopedics will be left behind. If I am successful in this venture, this will be a World – Class Orthopaedic treatment Center & Research Institution that will be a model for others to follow like a snowball. If the almighty is not unkind this, institution should come up to an international standard. Famous institutions all over the world, which started in the village, dreamt by one or two doctors. Dr. Bhattacharyya has fortunate have his late wife, son Indrajit and daughter in law Kalyani to join his dream and worked hand in hand with him for what it is today. It will take many more years with the sincere effort to the Doctors, excellent Orthopaedic Surgeons, physicians, nurses, paramedical staff, and all other staff of the   BORRC family to update it to internationational height. It will come true with the blessings from almighty based on philosophy of love, forgiveness & the effort to help others.
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