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Academics ..


Department of Medical Education for trauma and orthopaedics
          BORRC is a teaching hospital, accredited by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, training Post Graduate Students from all over India for DNB(Ortho). All our consultants including the chief are life member of the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association and Indian Orthopaedic Association. We take part in the conferences and present papers of very high qualified standard. Few years ago West Bengal Orthopaedic Association held the mid- term conference at BORRC in our set up. We feel proud. One of our consultants went to Germany for Joint Replacement and one to Nottingham, England for spine to see the advanced technology if any. Dr. S. Bhattacharyya - presented his original work on stiff elbow at British Orthopaedic Association, Surgery on T.B. spine at Philadelphia, Oklahoma U.S.A, and Chicago – different kind of Arthritis in India and Post Traumatic stiff elbow. Chicago- Abduction contracture shoulder. Dr. Somnath Mukherjee & Dr. Sumon Dutta have been specilally trained at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore for Spine & Microvascular Surgery to treat Trauma cases.

          Dr. Bhattacharyya published his original article on stiff elbow at Indian Journal of Surgery and JBJS (Summary) & original work on Abduction Contracture shoulder in JBJS. He has delivered 30 lectures in Continuing Orthopaedic Education on different subjects which have been published in the course book. At the age of 88 years the oldest and one of the senior most Active and Practicing Orthopaedic surgeon in India and West Bengal, may be in world.

          Our job is to innovate methods for the middle class which is economically oriented. We treat the people, middle class people of West Bengal. We have more than fifty articles waiting for publication of which treatment of

  • a) Intra capsular fracture neck of femur by compression screws- fibular graft with 92% successful union +
  • b) Core decompression, spongy bone graft and fibular strut graft for avascular Necrosis of Femoral head
  • c) Habitual dislocation of patella
  • d) Triceps sparing approach for comminuted condylar fracture lower humorous
  • e) Egger's plating Tibia and all bones.
  • f) Immediate management of trauma by through debridement, fixation (External or Internal) + full thickness flap cover with unbelievable outcome.

Record Keeping
Best in India. Now it is being computerized with our key words and software.


          One of the best in Kolkata and India. We subscribe eight (8) International journals and many Indian journals to update our knowledge and teaching the DNB PGTs. Now we are entitled for ON LINE JOURNALS FOR updating our knowledge and Research+ on line education by the National Board.


Lecture Hall
          we have an Excellent Auditorium with all modern audiovisual facilities and Interactive Connection with video intercom with Operation Theatre.We have a large lecture hall, accommodating nearly 140 participants and faculty. With this facility we hold many lectures, conferences, case presentation as our regular events for Research.

Fellowship & Visitors Program
          Special Orthopaedic Course for Junior Orthopaedic Surgeons come for a quick up gradation of their knowledge for day to day management of Surgery and treatment of all kind of Orthopaedic and trauma patients.


  • Arthroscopy course
  • Pain management
  • All India General Practitioners' association (AIGPA) course on Common

Orthopaedic Problems, every year or a common need based topic for the society.

This hospital is accredited by National Board of Examinations as a Post Graduate Teaching Hospital and Training for DNB PGT for 2-3 yrs (of the MBBS, D-Ortho, CET-NBE). We have 8 DNB PGT students from all over India.(DIPLOMATE IN NATIONAL BOARD – NEW DELHI - GOVT. OF INDIA) Though many people think that it is a Nursing home but our institution has been delegated as a teaching and training centre for post graduate   students from all over India. We have eight DNB PGTs from Patna, Banaras, Allahabad, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Kerala and West Bengal. We have been accredited for 3yrs and renewable by our performance. We can boast of our teaching and training of the DNB PGT’s which is not available in all centres, we are trying for them to pass the examination in the first chance. Our examination result with pass rate is comparable with other centers of excellence in India.

National Forum
          Our consultants and Nat Board Trainees Present papers based on our methods with unbelievable out come and authentic statistics from our Institution, well acclaimed by the audience and the authorities.

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